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Dates & Guest Details Friday 24 November - JAMES PATTERSON & JOHN DIPPER 

One of the English folk scene's most lyrical singers and one of it’s most sophisticated musicians. James’ smooth baritone voice and his ability to phrase and judge each line is legendary. John’s playing of the 14-stringed viola d’amore is indicative of how he pushes the boundaries of the tradition. This duo brings thoughtfulness and deep-seated musicality to each perfectly refined and exquisite arrangement. 

John Dipper

Dates & Guest Details Friday 26 January 2024 - MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ & IRIS BISHOP

Martyn uses his mesmerizing voice and delicate guitar to sing songs from the British Isles and Australia, enhanced by subtle, skilful accompaniments on Maccann Duet concertina and piano accordion by outstanding musician, Iris. In addition to his passion for traditional songs, Martyn is an advocate for contemporary writers. A magical evening of songs with a sprinkling of anecdotes and monologues.

Martyn Wyndham-Read (YouTube Link)

Dates & Guest Details Friday 23 February 2024 - JIM CAUSLEY

More than simply a folk-singer, multi-award winning singer-songwriter and musician, Jim, is an all-round entertainer. His beautiful singing, moving ballads, hilarious ditties and everything in between draw from the traditional and contemporary repertoire, his own compositions, and settings of poems by his relative, Cornish poet Charles Causley. All served with a gurt dollop of Westcountry humour.

Jim Causley

Dates & Guest Details Friday 29 March 2024 - GEORGE SANSOME

A deft guitarist with a rich, sweet voice, George has an ear for a melody and a good tale well told. His refreshingly open, expressive and engaging approach combined with his flawless guitar arrangements allow each song the chance to shine. Inspired by musicians such as Nic Jones and Martin Carthy, George delivers a sound that appears stripped back and effortless, yet brimming with hidden complexities.

George Sansome

Dates & Guest Details Friday 26 April 2024 - GREEN MATTHEWS 

A modern-day ballad and folk duo who add a remarkable 21st century style to traditional English songs and tunes, and specialise in story-telling through their singing. Chris plays most things fretted, while Sophie plays English border bagpipes as well as a variety of early woodwind instruments. A mix of the familiar and the obscure, the raucous and the reflective, and the courtly and the commonplace.

Green Matthews

Dates & Guest Details Friday 31 May 2024 - CROWS 

These four well-known and highly respected performers have a unique blend of power and warmth. Mick Ryan (vocals), Dave Bordewey (vocals, fiddle, mando-cello), Paul Downes (vocals, guitar, banjo, mando-cello), and Pete Harris (vocals, guitar, bouzouki) perform a mix of original and traditional music with brilliant harmonies and imaginative and stunning instrumentation. Exemplary musicianship.

Crows (Facebook Link)