Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre 2

When Alison & Geordie visited the Everyman in April 2009 they held workshops at DELL Primary, Oulton Broad, Suffolk and WHITEHOUSE Junior School, Ipswich, Suffolk.  The workshops focused on Scottish Song and Scotland, and brought in historical contexts as well as singing games.

Whitehouse Junior School

The children at Whitehouse enjoyed a totally different St. George's day experience this year - a Scottish one! The children (aged between 6 and 11) experienced a range of Scottish music and stories throughout the day. Some of the older children have remembered songs they learnt on the day and have performed them afterwards in assembly.

"It was obvious the children were enjoying it because they were so focused on what was happening." Year 4 teacher

"It was amazing how quickly the children were joining in with songs they'd never heard before." Year 6 Teaching Assistant

"I liked trying to work out what the story in the song was telling me." Olivia, Year 5

"It was funny when Alison made the puppet dance."? Mason, Year 5

Anna Siddall, Whitehouse  24.06.09