Pete Coe 1

The first Education Event we arranged involved GORSELAND Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk, when Pete was Guest at the Everyman at the end of January 2005.

Gorseland Primary School

When Pete Coe visited Gorseland Primary School, Martlesham Heath on Tuesday 1st February, over 130 five, six and seven year olds were eager and ready to go! He led five workshops of varying lengths and taught each group some "ham-boning" which fitted very well into our "brain-gym" activities.

Once everyone was thoroughly warmed up, there was a variety of songs, rhymes and actions to join in with. Pete had agreed to do a whole group session, bringing everyone together to round off the day and with this in/ mind, he taught each group something of their own to "perform" to the others. The younger children had great fun with the "Penguin Song" and "Mr B, Mr B, Mr Bumble Bee", and the older ones taught everyone to dance and sing "Here comes Sally" with infectious enthusiasm. We had more than twelve longways sets prancing their stuff!

Everyone had a really great time and I am still hearing snatches of songs as I cross the playground or walk along a corridor. We have continued to spread the word by singing some of Pete's songs to a visiting Teaching Assistant from yet another Suffolk school, who will in turn teach them in her school!

All the staff involved and a number of parents have commented upon how much the children enjoyed the day and we are grateful to the Everyman Folk Club and Suffolk Folk for helping to fund this venture.

Niki Acott, Gorseland Primary School