Newsletter 24 April 2020

Newsletter 24 April 2020 We’ll meet again some sunny day … but sadly not this evening at the Everyman Folk Club.

We hope all is well with you and yours, that you’re limiting your exposure to all things negative, and that you have access to the supplies you need – including loo rolls!

Newsletter 24 April 2020 It’s very sad that we won’t be enjoying the tremendous talents of Pete Morton at the club tonight but … put it in your diary now … Pete will be our guest on Friday 29 January 2021.

Here are links to a couple of songs we might have heard:

St George Slew The Dragon this evening
(the day after St George’s Day) 

and, of course, Another Train.  

Newsletter 24 April 2020 If you were going to come tonight – and if you weren’t(!) – you can support professional musicians by buying their CDs. Pete has just launched A Golden Thread, and it’s available as a CD and as a Download, from here:

Guest musicians include Sarah Matthews who was to be at the Everyman next month, George Sansome playing euphonium, and two other past Everyman guests: Alice Jones and Matt Quinn.

Remember, Artists only receive a few pence per-stream on outlets such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Youtube – so buying their CDs is a much better way to support them. 

Stay safe everyone,
Steve, Mary, Ken & Ade

Newsletter 24 April 2020
Newsletter 24 April 2020
Newsletter 24 April 2020